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HellBlazer – Rare Cuts

Posted: Saturday, 8 January 2011 in Comics

At first I hesitated. It looked old, non-colorful and too cult to be pleasant. I got the first volume (actually, there is no reading order) Original Sins. Horrific, stylish and anti-superhero. JC (John Constantine, do not jump into conclusions) was really the guy you love-to-hate or hate to admit that you love.

I finished it in one go. Man, that’s what I love about comics. They can be swallowed smoothly in no time! But this… This was more than smooth, so the last page left me begging for more. “So what’s next?” Tough question! HB has no actual reading order so, I was looking for the next TPB to get.

So, Rare Cuts! Imagine having Constantine penned by Delano, Morrison and Ennis in the same book! So after some search I finally got it from BetterWorldBooks.com

I read half of it and I just stopped to blog about it (and check the new WordPress BlackBerry App)

So stay tuned for more…

Cost, Crotchetiness Keep Broadband Out of 1/3 of U.S. Homes

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Posted: Monday, 23 November 2009 in Computers & Technology

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ITGS Robotics: More Articles

Posted: Monday, 1 December 2008 in 2.4.1 Robotics
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Study the following articles and write a paragraph for each one stating the social/ethical issues and the area of impact.

ITGS: Robotics (Revision Notes)

Posted: Monday, 10 November 2008 in 2.4.1 Robotics
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Book reference: Computer Confluence pages 602-604 The Robot Revolution

Robotics in the news: http://del.icio.us/pkafkarkou/robotics

Download the Revision notes: ITGS Robotics – Revision (PDF)

Students of 5X must study the following topics for AS ICT section 2. Click on a topic to download the revision notes

(a) Control systems
Working practices
Use of ICT in Advertising
d) Use of ICT in Teaching and learning
Use of ICT in Publishing
Use of ICT in Time management
(g) Data management
(h) Use of data management
(i) Payroll applications
(j) Technical and customer support
(k) Art and design work

ITGS IB2 Internal Exams

Posted: Monday, 19 May 2008 in Announcements

All IB2 students must study the following for the interal exams:

1. Social and Ethical Issues
1.1. Reliability (Computer Confluence pg’s 408-412 )
1.2. Integrity (Computer Confluence pg’s 390-395, pg.57 )
1.3. Security (Computer Confluence pg’s 395-412, pg.416 )
1.4. Privacy and Anonymity (Computer Confluence pg’s 403-406, pg.435, pg.452, Ch.7 – Databases and Privacy issues …)
1.5. Authenticity (Computer Confluence pg’s 396-397, pg.388, pg.402-403 )
1.6. Intellectual Property (Computer Confluence pg’s 166-167, pg.57, pg.407 )
1.7. Equality of Access (Computer Confluence pg’s 372-374, pg.414, pg.58 )
1.8. Control (Computer Confluence pg.411 )
1.9. Globalization and Cultural Diversity (Computer Confluence pg’s 437-438, pg.414 )
1.10. Policies and Standards (Computer Confluence pg’s 406-408 )
1.11. People and Machines (Computer Confluence pg’s 455-456, pg’s 434-436, pg.63, pg.36, pg.52, pg.414, pg.417 )

2. IT systems
2.1. Basics: Hardware and Networks
2.1.1. Systems Fundamentals (Computer Confluence Ch.2 and Ch.3 )
2.1.2. Networks (Computer Confluence Ch.8 )
2.2. Applications
2.2.1. Software Fundamentals (Computer Confluence Ch.4 )
2.2.2. Databases and Spreadsheets (Computer Confluence Ch.7 and Ch.5 )
2.2.3. Word Processing and Desktop Publishing (Computer Confluence Ch.5 )
2.2.4. Images, Sound and Presentations (Computer Confluence Ch.6 )
2.2.5. Modeling and Simulations (Gift of Fire Ch.4 )
2.2.6. Tutorials, Training and Wizards (Assistants) (Gift of Fire section 8.3 Only)
2.3. Communication Systems
2.3.1. The Internet (Computer Confluence Ch.9 )
2.3.2. Personal and Public Communications (Computer Confluence Ch.8 )
2.4. Integrated Systems
2.4.1. Robotics (Computer Confluence pg’s 602-604)
2.4.2. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (Computer Confluence Ch.15 and pg.587)

3. Areas of Impact
3.1. Business and Employment (Computer Confluence Ch.11)

Slides for All Computer Confluence chapters

Slides for All Gift of Fire chapters