Announcement for IB ITGS Students

Posted: Wednesday, 26 September 2007 in Announcements

All ITGS students are kindly requested to email their name, surname and year to me, in order to create a mailing list for the ITGS students. My email is

Thank you in advance
Panagiotis Kafkarkou

  1. Pambos says:

    Mporo na parangilo patates pou dame?
    Thelo 1 kilo patates , alla tsines me tes rizoues tes prasines.

  2. Panagiotis Kafkarkou says:

    Mr Pambos this is not a home-delivery website

  3. osman says:

    e gt ekames to side kalo?:p

  4. osman says:

    kirie pamBOSS ti gns? i aekara mas?

  5. Painter Antonio says:

    Eimaste me ton Xristoforoy kai kanoyme mia ergasie. Mas voithise para poly i seldes pou proteineis.Para poly kalo.Bravo sas…

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