IB ITGS – Databases and spreadsheets

Posted: Monday, 5 November 2007 in 2.2.2 Databases and spreadsheets

Book Reference:

  • Computer Confluence
    • General reference: Chapter 7 – Database Applications and Privacy Implications
    • Pages 196-201
  • A Gift of Fire
    Chapter 2 – Privacy and Personal Information

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Spreadsheets – MS Excel

Design and creation concepts:

Storage and access concepts

Presentation concepts

Databases – MS Access

Design and creation concepts

Storage and access concepts

  • Data transfer between a database and a spreadsheet
  • Search and the use of the Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT)
  • Data mining/data matching

Presentation concepts

  • Report generation
  • Special-purpose databases, for example, personal information managers, encyclopedias, library systems
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    thats really helpfull thanks!!

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