IB ITGS – SL Project Ideas

Posted: Monday, 12 November 2007 in Internal Assessment, SL Project

Here are some project ideas for your SL internal assessment.

You can download the word document or read below.

    • Problem: There is no organized system of seating in the school auditorium for plays and concerts. There is no system for reserving seats in advance, printing tickets, or keeping records of ticket sales.
      • Possible IT approach: spreadsheet
        • Problem: A community orchestra has existed for many years without a formal record of pieces performed. There is no record of performances, sponsors or music performed and transposed parts added or removed.
          • Possible IT approach: database
            • Problem: The volleyball team and coach have no system in place to record game statistics on both team and individual efforts. These statistics would be useful to assist the coach in determining the weaknesses and strengths of the team as well as those of individual players. These statistics would help the coach to plan appropriate practice drills and strategies that address specific individual and team needs.
              • Possible IT approach: spreadsheet
                • Problem: The school’s sports department relies currently on weekly assemblies, monthly newsletters and occasional letters home to parents to communicate game and training schedules as well as results from previous games. There is no means to inform the community more regularly about past, current and future sports news at school.
                  • Possible IT approach: web site
                    • Problem: Students do not have a convenient means to record their arrival and departure from school during the school day. Currently, students must sign a sheet of paper, which takes time and does not allow for accurate data about the student’s identity, date, time and reason the student has left.
                      • Possible IT approach: database
                        • Problem: Students who arrive late at school often miss the morning announcements that are read at the start of the school day during their first class. These students have no way of finding out what important announcements they have missed.
                          • Possible IT approach: presentation on mounted monitors
                            • Problem: The art teacher currently has no means of recording previous art assignments. Although examples of previous student work are available, the best pieces are very often kept by the students when they leave the school.
                              • Possible IT approach: database
                                • Problem: The creativity, action, service (CAS) coordinator currently maintains only written records of students’ CAS activities and hours. The coordinator must write new lists each time she updates the record of students’ CAS activities and the number of hours remaining.
                                  • Possible IT approach: database
                                    • Problem: Currently kindergarten teachers purchase and maintain their own supplies for the classroom. Inventory records are kept by hand on paper in a variety of formats. This has resulted in the problem of running short of supplies without enough time to re-order for scheduled activities. A large variety of materials is consumed throughout the year and the present system does not account efficiently for their consumption and replacement.
                                      • Possible IT approach: database
                                        • Problem: It is currently difficult for students of IB Diploma Programme mathematical methods to keep track of assignments, deadlines and explanations. Students would benefit from a resource that would provide current information regarding deadlines as well as previous explanations of methods and theories.
                                          • Possible IT approach: web site
                                            • Problem: Students embarking on their extended essay do not have examples readily available that they can browse and use to obtain ideas as well as an appreciation of the scope of the task. Without examples on a variety of topics, students are in the dark with respect to the expectations of the assignment.
                                              • Possible IT approach: web site
                                                • Problem: The kindergarten places children’s lunch orders and takes morning attendance using slips of paper that are collected by the school nurse and taken to the office to be recorded, tabulated and used for ordering lunches. The current system is labour intensive, slow and unreliable.
                                                  • Possible IT approach: database
                                                    • Problem: A school typically has many sports trophies scattered around the school and in students’ homes. Who, what, when and where are often forgotten.
                                                      • Possible IT approach: database
                                                        • Problem: Restaurant guides often focus on the tastes of adults and people with more financial resources than students. Students need a list of recommended restaurants that cater for their needs.
                                                          • Possible IT approach: desktop published booklet
                                                            • Problem: Encouraging spectators to attend basketball games is difficult. Posters and signs are often ignored because there are so many events advertised in this manner.
                                                              • Possible IT approach: digital video broadcast on mounted monitors and/or web site

                                                              Source: IB ITGS Internal Assessment – Teacher’s support material


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