ITGS HL Portfolio extension: An Interview (with a vampire)

Posted: Monday, 28 January 2008 in HL Portfolio Extension

The porftolio extension requires an interview.

Interview Steps:

  1. Decide on the most suitable interviewee(s).
  2. Establish contact (via letter or email) to determine their willingness to be interviewed.
  3. Establish the place, date and time of the interview.
  4. Design the questionnaire (10–15 open and probing questions). .
  5. Provide the interviewee(s) with the questions in advance.
  6. Confirm the time, date, place and method of recording the information.
  7. Complete the interview(s) and record the responses. Obtain a follow-up contact number or e-mail address from the interviewee(s).
  8. Transcribe/summarize/quote the interview. A transcription header must be included: name of person interviewed; qualification/position; name/address of organization; date/place of interview; and method of recording interview.
  9. Follow up the interview(s) with a letter of thanks and offer a copy of the final report.
  10. Write a draft with an appendix including the questionnaire and the transcript(s) of the interview(s).

Sample Questions


  1. What is your name and what position do you hold?
  2. What kind of business do you run?
  3. What kind of computers does your company have?
  4. Do you have a network? Internet access?
  5. What does your company do to stop viruses from infecting your computers?
  6. What solutions have you found to be effective? What success or problems have you had with your chosen solution?
  7. Have you ever had a virus outbreak?
  8. Should the government or local authorities get involved to find and punish virus creators?
  9. Do you have any suggestions for other business who need to deal with the threat of viruses.


  1. What is your name and what position do you hold?
  2. What kind of business do you run?
  3. What kind of computers does your company have?
  4. Do you have a network? Internet access?
  5. Why does a wireless network improve your business?
  6. What about the medical industry makes it particularly beneficial to have a wireless network?
  7. Did you consider other solutions rather than going wireless?
  8. Do you think all medical service providers should use wireless networks?


  1. What is your name and what position do you hold in the company?
  2. Does your company monitor employees’ email?
  3. What were the reasons for introducing email monitoring in your company?
  4. Who was consulted when this decision was taken?
  5. What method of email monitoring does your company utilize?
  6. Are the employees aware of the fact that their email is monitored?
  7. How is the information collected and stored and who has access to it?
  8. What policy documents relevant to email usage exist within the company and how are they made available to your employees?
  9. How does your company enforce these policies?
  10. How have these policies been received by your employees?
  11. What are the consequences if an employee is found to be in breach of these policies?
  12. How has email monitoring been received by your employees?
  13. What are the advantages of email monitoring for your company?
  14. Have you encountered any problems with the introduction of email monitoring?
  15. If so, how have you addressed them?
  16. On reflection was the introduction of email monitoring a positive step for your company?
  17. Considering recent news coverage, available software products and your own experience would you recommend employee email monitoring to other companies?

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