Article: Cosmic dust disc to force rethink

Posted: Thursday, 14 February 2008 in 2.2.5 Modelling and Simulations

IB Year 1 students please read the following article:

Cosmic dust disc to force rethink
Story from BBC NEWS
By Dr Chris Lintott
Co-presenter, BBC Sky At Night, Austin
Monday, 14 January 2008, 14:51 GMT

Please post your opinion about the reliability of computer generated models. Backup your opinion using the article.

  1. Athina says:

    Computer modeling might be the only way to explore and analyse some things like the universe. But the fact that this is the only way it doesn’t mean that it is reliable and that we must believe in it without leting our selves to believe a change that was discovered. The models were made with some calculations and that might be the reason that we believe and rely on them so strongly. But using the given article as an example the conclusion would be to believe and somehow rely on the models for the calculations and conclusions but everything will be based on assumptions. without observing the actual object people must not believe so strongly on the conclusions because we might be supriced with a sudden change or discovery. =)

  2. Christina says:

    in my opinion, computer generated models are reliable despite the fact that are created based on assumptions because the assumptions are based on previous discoveries. what is more, it is the only way to find out information about the universe since people cannot visit it and investigate all these things. another reason that is reliable is that now in our lives many things are done using assumpions and models and they prove to be correct so we don’t have a reason not to trust the computer modelling.

  3. elena georgiou says:

    computer models are a way to explore the universe. the discovery of the large disk of dust arount the binary star system is another way to explore it. the discovery may be more reliable than the computer models since computer models are based on assaptions. you can rely on the computer models but you cannot be as much sure for something that you found, than by using the disk of dust.

  4. Marios Taki says:

    Many things about the universe are still a mystery. New discoveries are made day by day. Astronomers have made a model of the universe according to what they know today but this model should not be considered the absolute criterion for the way things in the universe work. As we have seen laws that are governed by these model can be falsified through discoveries.
    In my opinion scientists should let some space for error and for improvement in this model. In no way this model should be banned as its the only way to observe and understand the universe. It just has to adapt to changes and new discoveries but certainly it’s not up to date today and a lot of changes will occur in the future.

  5. Antonis Agathangelou says:

    Nowdays astronnomers and astrophysists have made a great evolution about the universe. A new model of the universe has been discovered by them. This model i think has improvements and errors. The scientists have to leave a space for these improvements and errors to think more things and ideas about this model.

  6. Panagiotis says:

    Good work people! I am expecting the same quality of answers on the next article! Have a nice half-term!

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