Article: Pilots train without taking off

Posted: Thursday, 14 February 2008 in 2.2.5 Modelling and Simulations

simulatorPilots training in Scotland for a commercial licence are being given the opportunity to fly training flights to almost every airport in Europe – without having to leave the ground.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/01/14 00:24:39 GMT

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this training method.

  1. Athina Frangou says:

    -speeds up the training
    -lower cost
    -can b used in any weather situation
    -stages realistic emergencies
    -more environmentally friendly than the actual flight
    -the cost for the licence is mush less

    -since the training its safe the pilot being trained will be more comfortable to unreal situations and will not feel confident in the real flight.

  2. elena georgiou says:

    this training method using a flight simulator has many advantages. firstly, it speeds up their training and cost less since less fuels are used. also it can replicate any weatheer conditions and it can have any failures in the engine. therefore we can do much more with a simulator than with an aircraft.
    however, it has some disadvantages too. using a flight simulator you are not facing real life conditions. in real life, things are more complicated with more dangers. pilots in the training feel comfortable that there is nothing wrong with the aircraft. but when it will be time to face a real aircraft it will be difficult for them since they got used to tha fake aircraft with no dangers.

  3. christina says:

    the advantages of the flight simulator are that are safer, it speeds up the training and cuts down the cost, it lets the pilots to put their theory directly into practise and they familiarise themselves, they can stage realistic emergencies and in general more things can be done in a fight simulator that in a real aircraft.
    the only disadvantage is that except from the flight simulator pilots still have to put in the requisite number of actual flying hours but the extra hours in the simulator can speed up the training process.

  4. Marios Taki says:


    * The simulator can speed up the training process
    * Using the simulator can cut down on the costs
    * Different types of aircraft can be simulated and the simulator can replicate almost every type of weather condition imaginable, so the pilots that can get valuble experience that wouldn’t be possible in a real plane.


    * The pilot may not respond correctly to a fault in a real situation

  5. Antonis Agathangelou says:

    The advantages of this training method:

    -The simulator can speed up the training process. It is more easier to train the pilots.
    -With the use of the simulator cancut the costs.So the training process is cheaper.
    -different types of aircraft and can replicate almost every type of weather condition imaginable so is more easier to the pilots to see different ways coditions while they were flying.

    Disadvantages of this training method:

    – The pilot may make a fault in the simulation and in real life

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