JetAudio: State-of-the art jukebox

Posted: Friday, 15 February 2008 in Freeware of the week
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If you think is time for a change in your everyday digital media experience, you should try this outstanding free jukebox. Here are some features:

  • Play almost any kind of audio and video (you have to have the correct decoder)
  • Play any kind of video, even with text-based subtitle support (like the popular Subrip *.srt, MicroDVD *.sub)
  • Watch your videos using dynamic image crop, stretch, zoom and ratio adjustments. (eg you can reduce or remove the black areas on the top and below of a wide-screen movie)
  • Listen to Internet radio, using the built-in radio browser
  • Start your own Internet radio station using jetCast! Broadcast your show, play your music!
  • Convert your media between several formats
  • Rip audio CDs
  • Change the look and feel of it using skins available on the internet
  • Switch between full, compact and toolbar mode
  • …and many more!

Download JetAudio Basic 7 from


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