IB1 ITGS: Student study guides for 2.2.5 Modelling and Simulations

Posted: Wednesday, 27 February 2008 in 2.2.5 Modelling and Simulations

All IB1 students will be assigned some topics of the chapter 2.2.5 Modelling and Simulations. You may consult the ITGS Syllabus Blog.


  • reliability of predictions based on computer models, for example, weather, global warming
  • economic effects of the use of models to design and test new products


  • security issues involved in military simulations
  • social impact of reliance on simulations to examine issues of public policy


  • responsibility of the designer for accuracy of assumptions underlying the model
  • ethical considerations involved in deciding when to use models or simulations to ensure human safety


  • Key termsmodel, simulation, feedback loop
  • faulty or hidden assumptions
  • extent and effect of the simplification of reality


  • processing power needed to create complex models
  • visualization of information
  • correspondence of the model with reality

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