Beneath a Steel Sky: Free classic adventure game

Posted: Saturday, 1 March 2008 in Freeware of the week, Games
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Beneath a Steel Sky begins with a simple premise that gradually unfolds to include a lot of subtle threads and interesting plot twists: you play Robert Foster, a down-trodden citizen of the oppressive futuristic city that any fan of Orwell’s 1984 will immediately recognize. In a quest to find your long-lost father, you will encounter many colorful characters and solve many gadget-oriented puzzles.

The game is replete with well-written dialogues and excellent artwork by the famed British comic book artist Dave Gibbons (whose work is one of the best introduction sequences seen in a computer game). A must-play for all cyberpunk fans and everyone else.

[ Source: Home of the Underdogs ]

ScummVM is required to run the game.


  • Extract the game in a folder. Then run ScummVM, choose Add Game and browse for the game. You can run the game ONLY via the ScummVM interface.
  • You can toggle full screen using Alt + Enter
  • Press F5 in the game to see the game’s menu

Download Full Game | Solution/Walkthrough | Game Manual (PDF) | The story in comics!



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