The truth is out there…

Posted: Saturday, 1 March 2008 in Funny, Photos

The truth WAS out there, but we have eaten it, SOUVLA-Style!

Lesxi UFOThis photo is an other convincing clue that proves my theory about the existence of extra-terrestrial life: Aliens visited Cyprus many years ago, but Cypriots resisted and stooped their plans for colonization. They have cooked the aliens, in the traditional charcoal grill method: Souvla Style.

The truth is (still) out there…

  1. Vallou tou Mantakashi says:

    Kyrie petseta

    Apo oti fenetai den xriazetai idieteri voitheia i selida-thrylos na symplirosei tis 10000 episkepseis…

  2. Stop says:

    What do you mean we cooked extra-terrestrial life souvla-style?are you mad or what?whatever you re saying is a big stiuuuuuuuuuuupid crazy story.I belive the true story is that you re mad and crazy and you have to go to a psychologist!

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