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General Book Reference

This is the ITGS syllabus with some book references. You may use the revision slides for each of the two books.

Computer Confluence: Chapters 1-10 and chapter 15 | Revision Slides
A Gift of Fire: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 | Revision Slides

You may also refer to the ITGS Syllabus Blog.

Detailed syllabus with book references (incomplete!!!)

1. Social and Ethical Issues
1.1. Reliability (Computer Confluence pg’s 408-412)
1.2. Integrity (Computer Confluence pg’s 390-395, pg.57)
1.3. Security (Computer Confluence pg’s 395-412, pg.416)
1.4. Privacy and Anonymity (Computer Confluence pg’s 403-406, pg.435, pg.452, Ch.7 – Databases and Privacy issues …)
1.5. Authenticity (Computer Confluence pg’s 396-397, pg.388, pg.402-403)
1.6. Intellectual Property (Computer Confluence pg’s 166-167, pg.57, pg.407)
1.7. Equality of Access (Computer Confluence pg’s 372-374, pg.414, pg.58)
1.8. Control (Computer Confluence pg.411)
1.9. Globalization and Cultural Diversity (Computer Confluence pg’s 437-438, pg.414)
1.10. Policies and Standards (Computer Confluence pg’s 406-408)
1.11. People and Machines (Computer Confluence pg’s 455-456, pg’s 434-436, pg.63, pg.36, pg.52, pg.414, pg.417)

2. IT systems
2.1. Basics: Hardware and Networks
2.1.1. Systems Fundamentals (Computer Confluence Ch.2/3)
2.1.2. Networks (Computer Confluence Ch.8)
2.2. Applications
2.2.1. Software Fundamentals (Computer Confluence Ch.4)
2.2.2. Databases and Spreadsheets (Computer Confluence Ch.7 and Ch.5)
2.2.3. Word Processing and Desktop Publishing (Computer Confluence Ch.5)
2.2.4. Images, Sound and Presentations (Computer Confluence Ch.6)
2.2.5. Modeling and Simulations (Gift of Fire Ch.4)
2.2.6. Tutorials, Training and Wizards (Assistants) (Gift of Fire section 8.3)
2.3. Communication Systems
2.3.1. The Internet (Computer Confluence Ch.9)
2.3.2. Personal and Public Communications (Computer Confluence Ch.8)
2.4. Integrated Systems
2.4.1. Robotics (Computer Confluence pg’s 602-604)
2.4.2. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (Computer Confluence Ch.15 and pg.587)

3. Areas of Impact
3.1. Business and Employment (Computer Confluence Ch.11)
3.2. Education (Computer Confluence Ch.11 – pgs.439-451, pg.457)
3.3. Health
3.4. Arts, Entertainment, Leisure (Computer Confluence Ch.11 – pg’s 452-455, pg.444, pg.457, pg.167, pg.244, pg.426)
3.5. Science/Environment
3.6. Politics/Government


  1. HL Students must study ALL 6 areas of impact
  2. SL Students must study 3.1 and 2 more areas from the rest


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