AS Applied ICT – Section 2:How organisations use ICT – Part 1

Posted: Thursday, 9 October 2008 in AS (5X)

Students of 5X must study the following topics for AS ICT section 2. Click on a topic to download the revision notes

(a) Control systems
Working practices
Use of ICT in Advertising
d) Use of ICT in Teaching and learning
Use of ICT in Publishing
Use of ICT in Time management
(g) Data management
(h) Use of data management
(i) Payroll applications
(j) Technical and customer support
(k) Art and design work

  1. Leslie Godin says:

    I would like to be a part of this.I teach this subject in Dubai.
    This was helpful.

  2. says:

    this is great ,, thanks alot
    but is this enough for the whole material included,, i sat for ict olevel and now takin applied as a private candidate,, is there any books you recomend?
    thanks again,, this is really helpful.. made me look forward for the whole subject 😀

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