Some useful links I found quite interesting. You may suggest your links using the comment form below.

ITGS Links

Education and Literature

Computers & Technology


  • ScummVM – DOS games emulator for Windows XP and other platforms. Games also available for download.
  • Home of the Underdogs – Free DOS and classic games available for download.
  • MAME 32 – The home of the ultimate arcade machine emulator for the PC! You can download additional roms from various sites, such as RomWorld and RomHustler.
  • Yahoo! Games – My favorite online gaming site! Also available through Yahoo Messenger. Many games support multiplayer mode! So challange me for a Pool, Chess or backgammon game! (You have to signup for a Yahoo ID – you already have a Yahoo ID if you have Yahoo mail!)

Internet Radio

  1. I really like the description that you have written underneath the Title.

    It can be interpreted the other way round too.

    a.p.r. pillai

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